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La Cultura Umanistica e Scientifica
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Master Internazionale di secondo livello in:

Scienza dei Beni Culturali:“Metodi, Materiali e Tecnologie”

(Science of Cultural Heritage:“Methods, Materials and Technologies”)

Learning outcomes expected A.A. 2017-2018

The Master aims to illustrate the techniques used to study the artifacts of cultural significance. In particular, we want to highlight the methodologies to characterize them adequately from the point of view of physical-chemical structure, to study new strategies and materials for restoration and conservation, to support their critical interpretation investigating the phenomena of artifact-environment interaction. The cultural materials are complex, progress on the analysis and imaging probes offer an unprecedented view of this type of material and allow innovative solutions for the diagnosis of the mechanisms of alteration, treatment and preventive conservation. This involves chemistry, physics, materials science support as imperative preservation of art and archeology. The teaching will explore the diagnostic methods, the method of alteration, deterioration, prevention and treatment of conservation, together with the 'in-depth investigation of the surface and transport phenomena in 3-D. The goal is to foster in the students of the Master, an extensive and in-depth interdisciplinary training providing a fertile environment for the genesis of new ideas: a community of technicians and conservators at the forefront in their fields, not modern art considering the current and future needs.

Educational Activities A.A. 2017-2018

The Masters takes place in mixed-mode in presence and distance learning (e-learning).


  1. Electronic Systems for Cultural Heritage
  2. Sensors and Complex Analysis Data for Cultural Heritage
  3. Architecture for Cultural Heritage
  4. Physics and chemistry of surfaces
  5. Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Heritage
  6. Materials for Cultural Heritage
  7. Methods and systems for the diagnosis of Restoration in Cultural Heritage
  8. Marketing for the productive development of the Cultural Heritage
  9. ICT applied to Cultural Heritage
  10. Standards for Cultural Heritage and the 'Environment
  11. Interaction Environment - Cultural Heritage
  12. Biology applied to cultural heritage
  13. Archaeological analysis
  14. Applications for the fruition of Cultural Heritage
  15. Spectroscopic techniques for diagnostics of materials.

Study and Research Seminars:

  1. Techniques of Falsification and their contrast
  2. Dating of archaeological finds
  3. Management of the Museale Environment
  4. Activities Carabinieri Cultural Heritage Protection
  5. Georadar
  6. Colorimetry
  7. Thermography
  8. Reduction of archaeological metal

Professionalizing Laboratories of Operative Experimentation:

  1. Chemical and physical analysis
  2. Database of Falses
  3. Psychological laboratory
  4. Site Activities
  5. Instrumentation for Cultural Heritage

Other Educational Activities:

  1. Museum activities
  2. Environmental controls on Cultural Heritage


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